February 07, 2012

Free from front fence 6-7 Feb

Hello again,

A few things have occurred since my last entry. Cathy the landscape gardener came out for a visit and recommended some really cool things for us to consider. We are keen to plant fruit trees and get our 4 vege garden plots established.

The fence that surrounds the house has gone, we now have a clearer perspective of our area and can now start the serious task of where are what to plant. Our fencer chap is going make the corners of the plots by bashing 16 of the posts we took out from the fence to act as corners.

Starting to remove the fence posts,
all 28 of them

Tossing the caber 'Kiwi style'

 look, no fence..yay!!

We also began the 'inside jobs', first task - PAINTING the entire house.
So....we picked 2 colours only:Resene white pointer for bedrooms, kitchen and main lounge and 1/4 white pointer for the hallway. See easy. We achieved 2 coats in bedroom 1 and one coat in the hallway.

Next tasks?
Our fencer is a bit of a handy man, he will be back on friday to bash the posts for the vege gardens, reset and existing fence and strike a gate, he will also mulch the whole area to bring the levels even. For us, we will get stuck into painting the rest of the house.

Message of the day

Every day has the same hours as the day before and the days to come....what did you do with your precious time today?

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