May 17, 2012

Quick Update

Hey everyone,

I just checked the traffic report for my Blog and it was 111 views just for today, WHAT! I screeched, this must be wrong, and then I checked on Laura at My wee Farms Blog and she had written a lovely mention of my Blog and posted a link to it. Well, talk about methods to increase an audience. Brooke actually came across my wee farm ages ago and has been an avid follower ever since.
I think I've managed to open up my comments box too, so anyone reading this (is there anybody out there??) can you try and send me a comment. Laura, if you are reading this, I am a bit of a Blog Novice, any tips or pointers for Blog are appreciated.

So in special mention of Glasgow and all it stands for, here is the link of the century . If you don't laugh your head off at this, something is definitely wrong.

Kia Ora everyone


  1. It works! See you're famous now! :)And it looks like I can comment now as well. I think you're doing just perfectly really. Everything looks great :) xx

  2. Oh Laura is a gem leading me to your blog! By the first photo I am hooked!

    1. I'm loving the fact that Life on the Lifestyle track is so popular.
      Laura, after you had your great intro through life and leisure we got hooked and inspired by you and Lloyd and your great story. We had a great life where we were, living in the bush by the ocean, but our dream to 'live off the land' has become a reality thanks to people like you guys.
      Maybe one day we could meet, your only up the road and we are Matakana market fans too! Maggie & Brooke

    2. I would love that. And we most definitely want to go to Matakana market again, so that would be great! Also if you are ever up north you'd be most welcome to stay at the Acorn for a couple of days or something if you wanted to do some sight seeing - bring the dogs - having three big dogs ourselves we know how hard it is getting away! xx

  3. Hi Maggie and Brooke. I have been reading Laura's blog for ages and love it too. Have to thank her for pointing me in your directions. I am local to you so recognise most places you mention which makes it even more interesting. Love the cottage and dogs. We have land behind the Kauri Park and have been here for 6 years and love the area. So many beaches to choose from but so quiet. Been through what you guys are doing right now, setting up gardens and chook houses and runs. Hard work but so worth it when you look back at photos and realise what you have achieved. Nothing tastes better than your own produce. Coming from Ireland I still get a kick from walking out from door and picking lemons.

    Keeping posting.


    1. HiKaren,
      Great to hear from you, where are you? it's so cool to come home from work and pop out to the 'local' store for our greens! Yeh, it's tree planting now, got 30 togoin tomorrow. Really loving the life and have so many plans, but we are determined not to let the lifestyle become the dreaded "life sentence"....still exploring the area and finding places to take dogs for run and swim. having 3 of them can be a little daunting for other beach goers, but they love it at home, they can run all day long.
      Great to hear from you Karen.


  4. Thanks for replying Maggie, Snells Beach (gets a bad rap because of the low low tide mark but the boardwalk along the beach is lovely and there are a lot of dedicated dog walkers there. I have met a lot of lovely people there and it is very safe place to walk the dogs. I have a schnauzer Jack russell cross Archie and a boxer called Devon. We are lucky in that we have enough land to walk the dogs but I do love to go to the beach for variety. Te Arai and Eyres Point (northern end of Pakiri) is gorgeous and unspoilt still. feel free to email me for a chat about anything else Very jealous of your cottage I love weatherboard. Unfortunately our house has some horrendous brick in parts WHICH I HATE. Anyway I will stop whittering on. Have a great weekend. Buying some Art of Cheese salad dressing at the market tomorrow. Wish me luck parking!!!!