May 26, 2012

Past, Present and Future

It's not where you are, it's where your at that matters,

Sometimes, just sometimes you gotta have a breakdown before you can have a breakthrough. Ever had one of those times when you have to stop, I mean literary stop, get off the bus that is your life, do a headcount of everything and everyone who is part of it and then make an honest evaluation of who and what do you choose to be on your bus?
What an empowering action, I recommend it to anyone who may feel that a cleanse is on the cards...a very wise man once said to his passengers, I'd like you all to get off my bus now, because I need to set a new direction without distraction and when I'm ready to set out again, I may or may not invite you back on......
I had a conversation with one of my lovely casual staff the other day and asked her, now that you are finished school, what's your plans for life? she is such a happy wee thing her answer was not surprising, "I'm taking a year out before I make a decision, I don't know what I want to study or be yet, but I'm off to Europe for a few months with my family, that's my short term future that I can't wait to happen" how awesome was that? 
Suddenly the stages of my life began to unfold and I wanted to tell you about it...
When I was at primary school I was ok academically, I got on well with most people, however I was incredibly competitive in sport and therefore had to be the best, I did become the best, but I also became a little cocky because of it...I can see myself now, 12 years old and invincible. 
After primary I went straight to secondary school, when boy oh boy! did I get a shock..I wasn't the best anymore, I wasn't even second or third best...I had to try to beat people, the opposite of what I was used to, so I competed at everything in order to be the best again, but the reality was, I couldn't be the best at one can.
So here comes the first of many choices life throws at us; what do we keep and what do we let go? I couldn't see what life's lesson was here because I was too busy getting lost in 'not being good enough'...
As I stepped out of the school gates for the very last time, I remember how it felt, honestly I felt afraid, I was on my own now with my next competition waiting with folded was life....real life.

I told my young friend to always be in an attitude of gratitude for what and who you have in your life at this time...these times will shape your future.
As I look back at my school life and at 12 wonderful years when I had routine, accountability, structure, discipline, consequences, tests, results, mentors and leaders...I had it all.
This brought to mind the book I'd like to write one day...It's called '' APennyless Education" and you will read it, just watch this space.

This weekend:

Saturday we took the puppies to Omaha Wharf, the tide was perfect which meant they had a lovely swim. The water was so flat we could have taken our Paddle Boards and got onto the water...but boards and dogs don't go well at all, although Finn did get onto our friend Jodies board one time before leaping off the front and sending Jodie off the back..what fun!

Today it rained which may have been the catalyst to reflect, who knows? what I do know is this:

Life owes us nothing, we will be in it's debt until our time is up. It is in this that I ask you one question.. as you look at all the areas of your life... what would you change if you could and what's stopping you...?

Some pictures of today where chickens are eating their yummy yogurt, autumn colours are stunning and dogs continue to love the life they are living...

Red reflection

lemons in the light

 Kodak komfy on the kouch!!

Finn at one with the landscape

Murphy Brown having a moment.

Oak tree over the Chicken House

Carrots on the up

Finally - I've selected 5 songs that have had significant meaning in my life. They're in no particular order...if you have time, have a listen...

Thought for the day:

"One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks"                                      Jack Penn

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