May 18, 2012

'Chick Bay' for Jenny....

Saturday May 19.

They say everything comes in threes...where does that saying even come from? Although today it was true...
last night Brooke went to lock choocks away for the night and came back with Jenny who had been lying on the ground in the den looking a bit rough. For those who don't know her too well, Jenny is the biggest, strongest bossy boots in the pack and to see her so weak and vulnerable was not a pretty sight.
We quickly set up the washing basket with old towels and took her to the shed. We examined her and she had a real poo poo bottom and it really smelled bad. We got a bucket of luke warm water, bathed her botty, trimmed the excess poo and the feathers around her bottom. Her head was all droopy and she couldn't stand up. We decided to bring her into the study and keep her warm and quiet for the night. We checked every half hour to see if she was all right, she seemed not to worsen which was a relief. This morning we checked on her and she was a little brighter and her poo was more solid (sorry to those non chook lovers! but solid poo is good). We decided to build a make shift pen in the garage and keep her there for the day, she slowly started having a wee chirp, then a wee drink of Brookes brew of honey and water, she then started eating her seed as well as some yoghurt. We are hoping she just had a 24 hour bug (do chickens even get these?) and if she is good tomorrow, we will pop her back with the pack..

Jenny in the 'Chick Bay'

The next 2 things were planned, but they were still challenges for us. We has 30 Karo trees delivered on Thursday, and today was the day they were going in... our lovely neighbours at the Duck farm delivered a pile of compost as well as a bigger pile of fire wood and both had to be moved from their drop zones. I started on the hole digging and quickly realised it's was gonna be a tough one! We intend to use the trees to block the view from the road side and for shelter, they will go in just in front of the massive Willow trees...can you guess what the challenge was yet? .......bloddy roots, hundreds of them and boy were they tough. At one point I planted the spade with such force into a root that my hand was shaking with the pain for ages.. but as with all challenges, they are only as big as you choose them to be!

This was number 17, 13 to go
Finn was no help!

As i dug the holes, Brooke had the job of setting plants in and composting them.

And what a fine job she did
Their in..yay!
And of course, what do yu do with 2 cubes of firewood?
well, stack it of woriries we said, and then?, 
It started to rain right on top of the dry wood. So it was tarpaulain and the quickest launch of wood to shed imaginable, I tell you the All Blacks would have been proud of us! we got there with only a few random logs getting a little pics for this one, too busy.

There, that was 3 challenges of today..Sick chicken, Ramming spade in Willow roots and firewood throwing in the rain...great day all round I would say.

And finally some photos of the pack, this was after the rain

Finn and best friend..Bob the Ball

Beautiful Murphy

Kodak and Surf Board

Thats all folks..........................

Thought for the day:

Wherever you go.......there you are! (Kermit the frog)


  1. How's Jenny today? I hope she feels better. And well done with all the planting. When we moved here we planted so many trees and tbh I never wanted to plant another tree again! But you soon get over that!

    1. Hi laura, she is heaps better today and back with the group. We just had the builder up to assess some extension work we are hoping to do, he raised a good point on our idea to extend the roof line out to the edge of the deck. He said we are likely to loose a lot of sunlight which we currently get as the extension will be on the North side. Did you guys experince a loss of sunlight when you put the extension up? Our home email is if you want to send comms there.