October 15, 2012

One door closes...another open.

New to the world.

Welcome little one. We got some baby blue eggs from Karyn and Sue a few weeks ago, and here is the result of Mama sitting for 21 days....a beautiful little chicken.
We had 4 eggs in total, but she must have kicked 2 out as they had wee Chickie's in them, but they didn't make it. The other wasn't fertile. So we got lucky with little black beauty!

                            Meet Beauty.


     Farewell little Jessie yellow legs!

A few days ago, Jessie became very bloated around her abdomen. She was a really social wee thing, and started to just sit around. The vet prescribed antibiotics, but  it sounded very like peritonitis. She did perk up after the antibiotics, but slowly got worse the days following. Coming home from work on Saturday we decided enough was enough, we were prolonging the inevitable. Life can be so cruel, but from a life where she was confined to a cage then dumped when no longer required to free ranging with new pals (all be for only 6 months) she was Free, right until the end...farewell my feathered friend.
Sheep family expansion plans are well underway..
Some of the new kids in town. We purchased some breeding sheep from the neighbours at Streamland, check it out: Friends with (benefits) sheep.. 
Our plans are to breed the girls and have a year round sustainable flock. Karyn and Sue are pretty clued up on all things sheep, very handy to have as friends.
Some of the new sheepies.

New springs lambs inspire hope, life really is for living...live it up.