January 03, 2014

New Year with Old Friends, the best of times.

Welcome 2014.

January 2nd we welcomed our pal Sal, Kona, Sue and Arti up to enjoy a weekend at the cottage and a concert at Matakana Country Park watching Fat Feddys Drop and Shapeshifter Summer events at matakana
The troops arrived around 12 and it was party time until 6.30 when we headed up to the park.

Kona and Sue checking out the groovy band. Sue mentioned what happened to our wee picnic blanket and cheese'n crackers idea....I think we are at the wrong concert!


                                          I think we were about 20 years too OLD...


              But the next day we had the best breakfast out in the garden


                   Some enjoyed a liquid breakfast...Sal and Kona (tut tut)...



  1. Awesome time spent with awesome friends. Xxxxx

  2. Small world. Kona and Sue very dear lifelong friends.