November 30, 2012

Ist for many things

The first.

December 1st is officially the first day of Summer, and it's a glorious day here in Warkworth, New Zealand.
We visited our neighbours Sue and Karyn to help bag and tag our very first home killed sheep. It had hung in chiller for 1 week and today was the day we were taught the fine art of what's what from loin chops to shanks and how to trim them neat and tidy, then onto heat sealing into bags and labelling. Then the best bit was, we kept a few 'ends' aside and marinated them for BBQ lunch and fine sald from their garden as thank you to the beautiful animal. It was sensational, it was also really special to appreciate that the life an animal lives is very evident in the food it eventually provides. Thanks to our teachers.

'Dreamnight at the Zoo'

Last night at the Zoo, another very special first occurred: Dreamnight is a world wide, very special evening for chronically ill and disabled children and their family members to come to the Zoo after hours and spend the evening with a Zoo staff member or volunteer and experience a night to remember. They get up close to some very special animals and enjoy fun activities like face painting and bouncy castles and for free. No one is paid for attending and I can tell you, there was so many staff and volunteers it was a humbling experience for everyone.
Rufus the Red Panda and one of our Dream kids.
Big up the my pal Sally, in the costume for 3 hours, she was a trooper. Many parents said this experience will be the high point they remember during the many low points they will face in their journey ahead with their little ones.

Kahlesi and the 14 eggs update:

Going out today to check on our girl I did hope to see some chicks had hatched, but alas there is still nothing to report. The 21 day hatching period is fast approaching with no change. Gulp! maybe Harry is not firing...and we send Jedi to a new home! cross your fingers for us peeps.
Signs of Summer
Butter cups sprouting up everywhere....
I do hope all of you out there are having a fine Summers day, well those in the southern hemisphere anyway. For those in the northern world, wrap up warm now or move to New Zealand.

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