May 19, 2013

Doors, tables and drenching.

Doorway to table top...

When we renovated the bathroom we found ourselves with a spare door?
Question: when is a door not a door?
Answer: when it's a table.
Brooke had seen some cool photos of tables that were once doorways and that was all it took really. So trade me got a few more dollars from us with these cool and kinda funky adjustable table legs. They are perfect, because like so many old homes, the floor is a little imperfect, but a few wee twists here and there and voila! a level table.
Just waiting for it's first meal to arrive


 Home made quiche and relish...yum yum yum!!!
The best thing is, our place mats (missing in picture) fit perfectly into the panels, which means no rocking's just magic.
The next challenge is to build a big corner bench to go along the wall and under the this space.

Our sheepies got drenched today.

No photos I'm afraid, but it's a wee story you can easily imagine in your mind.
Organise with Sue (our farmer friend) to come over and drench our sheepies.....
Sue did arrive about 3.30 and we headed out to round the sheep up and guide, bribe, con, plead, chase and eventually just hoped to move them into the holding area.
What happened next:
Well, Brooke did her shake the bucket thing and all but 2 of the wee buggers came in quite happily, but as all "farmers' know, it's all or nothing with getting the animals oot they all went again. Mind games followed, running up and down the paddock and eventually securing them all was such a relief. The drenching was quite easy as we discovered once you tilt the head just slightly, the sheep does not move. But 2 of the wee blighters made the great escape and ended up in with the chickens...can you imagine it yet?
The new plan was to slowly walk in, get them into the corner and just grab was only 2 to go after all!
We eventually got them, but in the debrief we had an acceptance that we need to improve our planning and keep to our own job....
We plan to improve the holding pen and next time we will get it bang on...

The last wee thing to share is this little insect I discovered under a rock...It was actually pretty big, so big in fact I had to run get my camera to share with you...sorry I couldn't get something to share it's scale...I reckon it's about my palm size..aarrggg!!!!
 The giant Rock Spider

As I told Sue:

"Some things are hard to remember...other things are easy to forget!"