February 21, 2014

Where Old meets new! what a Union.

The journey of our new deck

Well, it's almost complete. Kevin and Kyle arrived today and at 7am. Can you believe we agreed on that time, on a weekend!It's now 4pm and I think I'm hearing the last screws going into the new roof. It's rained a lot today, and it also really sticky hot. The worst possible building conditions, but they have soldiered on and the end is in sight.

So, here is the journey from the beginning to right now at 4pm.

                                                         When Old meets new.


                                              Bearers and posts in. It's a bit overcast
                                      Looking forward to the Old girls transformation.
                          I just like this photo, it's like it's framing the beautiful views.  
                          Sunny days looking across the fields, roof on. Nearly there. 

        Balustrade and roof in place. Rainy days, but at least the woodwork is complete

                   Undercoat and tops coats onto posts to allow boys to get roof on, 

                                   Almost finished, just those tricky wee corners.

                                   IT'S ON ...Both the roof and the rain that is.
                         But the soldiers are marching on. Looking East to West

                                                 Looking West to East, Murphy likes it.

                   The boys are on the home straight. It's cloudy, but it looks great.

         The next photo I post will be of a complete deck, roof an all! Watch this space.


  1. Wow, looking good Mags, can't wait to see the end result!
    Cheers, Karen near Gympie

  2. Fabulous!!! you'll be astounded at how much extra space you have now. It looks gorgeous!

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