October 28, 2013

It's lfe Jim, but not as we knew it!

Boy, how the times they have changed......

Lately, there has been a lot of things we have tried for the very first time.
Here is a wee selection of our latest escapades in the life of Maggie and Brooke...

The sweetest moments.

Andrew came over with his wee ones to help Brooke extract her honey. After retrieving the beautiful golden honeycomb, we placed it in muslin to separate the runny stuff....yummy.
This is Andrews son Caisin getting up close to this tasty treat.

For the Shear hell of it!

Karyn and Sue gave us a lesson on sheep shearing. Here's Brooke getting her instructions from Karyn

And a few minutes later- she's away. Good on ya Brooke.
 Spot the novice! But it was awesome....a new appreciation for the woolly buggers.
                                      Under the watchful eye of the Grand Master....Gulp!
There you go, looks like I did it all by myself eh!
But Sue did all the scary bits.......

I hear the train a Comin,  it's comin round the bend.

This was quite a poignant moment the other day, it's the annual, northern line steam train journey, and this time last year we was privileged enough to wave as it chugged passed our Station Masters cottage...the driver honks his horn and passengers wave as they take a trip through 'the way it was' for those travelling north by rail....

Brooke managed to catch a wee shot as it travelled back down the line a few hours later.

What better way to spend labour weekend by knocking up a Pergola

We have been talk in about building pergola as part of our landscape design for the garden. We decided labour weekend was just about perfect for it. 4 days to plan, purchase, plan some more, agree, disagree, then eventually get on with building the thing...
We downloaded the Mitre 10 easy as 'build your own pergola'.... just a word of warning...IT IS NOT EASY AS! The biggest nightmare was setting the profiles, no matter how many times we looked at that bl**dy video, it became a very testing time for all trying to get it right.

 Post profile tantrums, string set and holes dug. 400 square x 500 deep.....

Posts in...and now we wait for concrete to set....cuppa tea anyone?

Waiting with Finn for Karyn and Sue to come for cuppa....

Day 2 and serious work has begun, bearers going in...this was quite a rewarding moment.

Almost home and dry, just tightening us the final bolts and job done. Woo hoo!
And there she is....one pretty lookin Pergola....Easy as..

Looking North. We painted the old gates and pallets then secured them to the posts...

Tomorrow is Tuesday and so far, we have decided we might take it easy...but who knows what might happen. At the moment, we are a wee bit stiff, maybe we might go shopping for some comfy big cushions for our pallet seats....sounds like a plan!
Thanks everyone...and take care.
Maggie. X