February 06, 2015

It's all that matters really.


An outstanding time in the UK for our Christmas and New Year break.

I'm not going to start this journey in any particular order, because it's more important that you take yourself on your own journey.
We travelled to UK to spend the festive period with family. We went for a holiday, but it became so much more than that.... it was a memory that will stay with us forever...
They always say that as you grown into life, everything and everyone that really matters to you will become clear.
I got clarity on this trip.

Thank you Brooke for sharing this journey. Without you, nothing would mean as much.....



 Thank you Mum and Dad.

Never underestimate the place a parent has in your life.


Sisters....... older, wiser and closer.

Thanks for the memories, your precious things.


Gemma and Christopher

Perfect in so many ways........

Welcome Isa Mae, and Master Milo....... the pack is complete.



Pauline and Gerry

Best friends...... for 37 years



Hogganfield Loch Glasgow........ Boxing day


Crisp, fish, invigoration and filled with childhood memories. This park in 1 mile long, populated with loads of birds from swans to a huge variety of ducks.....seagulls and even geese....



Storm over the Hogganfield Loch....... amazingly beautiful


Drive over the Campsite Glens, outside Glasgow..... beautiful


The Kelpies in Falkirk.....The amazing Kelpies

Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond

With Mum and Helen, very very cold...... good fun though!

Helen and Laney, Christmas morning.


Helen loving her picture of Isa and Laney after hearing our nephew Ryan and his lovely Wife and expecting their first child...........


Parent to be, Ryan and Dawn.......



Some images of Christmas day





Glasgow City Centre.......

Skyscraper flats and crazy water towers..............

 Rouken Glen Park, Southside of Glasgow


The Brat pack........


Very, very Happy days

Laney going Walkabout for the 'perfect photo opportunity


Is it just me, or does this tree stump resemble a woolly Coo?

That's a quick snapshot of what it felt like to be back home for Christmas. I'm thankful that I have people in my life whom I love dearly and that I had the privilege of being with everyone of them over the Christmas period.. Thanks Brooke, the world is such a nicer place with you in my life......