December 02, 2012

Some Summer Stuff

Boom! Roses are everywhere......

This photo is actually the wall of Roses that surrounds our water tank, it smells wonderful, and most days we cut a few down and place around the house. These flowers are all around the area, you'll see them along roadsides, in parks and just hanging our wherever they seem to feel like it. Stunning.

Mama and Sal...

A lovely wee photo of Mama relaxing with the gang. Here she is with Sal, the confident wee chick who will often be seen catching a lift on Mamas back. They are all changing and each definitely has their own personalities.

Kitchen 'n things.....

We had Monday off work and decided to do a little bit more homework! the old shelving we ripped out of the kitchen was sanded, painted, cut and re-established beside the window. We are really happy with them.
Along with our lovely lamb chops tonight, thought I'd share the yummy stuff from the garden with you. Check out the sweet peas and crunchy lettuce, then there's Brooke's special marinated Beetroot. Summer really does allow for healthy eating and living eh?

Monday, well it brought us Sunshine and Roses, and to you , I share the joy of both. Take care.


  1. Kitchen looks great you guys. Brookey, the garden is rocking!

  2. Can you share the special marinated beetroot recipe, please?

    The place is looking great you guys!

    From DeeJay in Whangarei

    1. Hi DeeJay, I use raw beetroot and slice thinly with the skin on. The rest is up to your personal taste. Place beetroot in a sealed container add a little brown sugar, some salt, a good amount of balsamic vinegar and some rice vinegar or white vinegar as taste allows. Seal container and give a good shake and leave in fridge. The longer left the more it will pickle.
      All the best, Brooke.

    2. Raw beetroot - VERY good for you! And no faffing about cooking the things.

      Thanks Brooke - I will give this a go.

      PS What are you doing up so late (early)? :-)

      From DeeJay in Whangarei