February 02, 2012

First Week

We'll it's official, we celebrated 1 week at our new place with a fabby annabel langbein meal of roasted beet and rocket salad then beef steak and double mishroom http://www.annabel-langbein.com/tv-series/ .

Our family:

Our constant companions:

left to right - Kodak, Murphy, Lucy and Finn

Meet the K9 team, I'll introduce you as we go travel on, but for now, imagine what you think their personalities might be. Darling Lucy is no longer with us, but I wanted you to meet my golden girl anyway.

The New additions

I'de like to introduce you to Frannie and Annie, we inherited the girls from the previous owners, so far we've had 6 eggs and boy have they been awesome. We are reading as much as we can on chicken husbandry...what to give them to eat, drink and what enrichment to provide.. we have ordered a 'new house' for the girsl which should arrive today... then we plan to get more chooks.. 

   Meet Frannie and Annie

                 First Egg

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