February 04, 2012

Feb 3 - 4 . Fences and gutters

Well, I can honestly say that nothing beats a solid 2 days physical work to make a Sunday a well earned day of rest.. we have been taking down the old fences, de nailing posts, removing them and wrapping the wire, we then had to fill the holes the removed posts left.

 De nailing the posts.                                Then bashin down the dross beams

Look..no more wire or cross beams. Yay!!

Next Job: Gutters
Brooke very bravely scaled the ladders onto the roof to tackle the gutters, and what a great job she did (no more waterfalls from blocked gutters).

Meanwhile..... Murphy and Finn played chases and stopped momentarily for poses...


Whats coming on Monday?

We are meeting with a landscape gardener thats what.. our good friend Paula is bring her along to share some ideas with us.We're having a wee lunch and then hopefully a solid strategy session. Brooke found an awesome website to help us plan our vege gardens http://www.growveg.com/.

To come:
The next week will see the foundation for the future established.
We have both really enjoyed the physical challenges that have accompanied the endless work involved in preparinfg our land for it's sustainable adventure. Our fence should be complete by tuesday, our 'new' front gate should be hung, which means we can now go off without taking the dogs everywhere, but even better... our land is ready to start creating...

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