February 24, 2012

Feb 24 - 25. Extending the family

When 2 become 5

Well, we did it... we went out for a look at some Sussex chooks and came back with 3 of them.
Please meet Jenny (front left), Ivy (front right) and Lucy at the back...they are adorable and very confident..they have broken out of area 3 times which resulted in a mad dash to Mitre 10 for some escape proof mesh.. Frannie and Annie were not please one iota when these 3 arrived, boy were they chooked off. They clucked and clucked and I swear they grew about 10 inches, it was really interesting watching the dynamics... we initially put the 'new' girls in a mesh run within the enclosure to give all 5 sight of each other from a safe distance, just on dusk when Frannie and Annie went to bed, we put the girls inside with them...because we hadn't clipped their wings yet, they made many attempts to fly to the highest points in the chook hoose before finally settling mid perch. Around 8pm..all was quiet. Today ( Saturday) they seem to have settled and are currently minding their own business, however we have observed F & A getting closer throughout the day... and! Annie laid 2 eggs today..is that normal?

 Natures nice eh? - Our sunflowers hadn't opened since we arrived, and today they did...what a beautiful sight...it was like a new shop opening it's doors for the first time..almost immediately a bee came in and made a purchase, he said he was on a mission for mother nature...

Who's the Man? Kodak is a poser and a half, he is deaf now but boy does he understand everything around him.. he can read the clock because he always knows when it's breakfast and dinner time, he somehow hears car keys being picked up when the others don't and..when the camera is in front of him and you ask him to wait..he will but only until he decides he's had enough, then he's off...

I think black and white somehow tells the story far better than any colour picture.. this may look so relaxed, but it took 10 minutes and heaps of takes to get the 3 of them to stay still. Murphy was so over it.


Thought for the day: Before you go ahead, go within...

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