February 22, 2012

12 - 22 Feb. Big leaps forward

Kia Ora and welcome to the week that was. We have made some really great progress since my last entry.
Our friend Mark works for Steel Fort http://www.steelforte/ and we took possession of our new ride on mower recently. Highly recommend one if you want a great job on your lawns. We also started and finished planning, plotting and putting together our 4 veg gardens, we recycled everything. We got our compost mix from our neighbours who run a Peking duck farm..http://www.mahurangiduck.co.nz/. It is the absolute best and it's local. We also moved our old chicken coop to a new spot so that Frannie and Annie would be comfortable in their new location, we are adding 3 or 4 new chooks to our brood in the next few days, yay!!!.
Last but not least, we finished painting the inside of the house....
Here are some pics for the week that was...spot ya later..

Brooke taking the mower for a burn on the paddock...

A well earned cuppa before the hard work begins

Ralph trimming trees back and me at the controls

 I think he's in there?

 Paragliding over hills

The Woolly Gate..one of my favourite pics of the journey...we will recycle all our gates..this one is special because it's quirky and patchy and definitely got a history to it...I wonder how many people have passed through her?

Misty morning. Taken around 8.00am, this shot captures how the mist rolls in and out then leaves a day of beautiful sunshine..

We commenced the veg garden lay out, size and depth. We decided to have 4 gardens, 2 x 3 x 300 deep. we recycled the posts and side beams from the old fences. We used the chicken coop as our line.

phase 1.   Planning Veg gardens -  

 Phase 2.
2 down, 2 to go?
hey who's that in there? ..it's Murphy Brown.

Phase 3.
4 veg gardens with soil, ready for veg selection...

THEN....... after we completed the veg gardens... 
we decided to move the chicken coop duhhh.... and what an absolute mission. Ralph couldn't get a good angle to lift the shed, so after 2 hours of trying..

And trying......

We got there, we ended up taking a leaf out of the Egyptians book and rolling the shed on the round fence posts.. it worked a treat, no photos, sorry..too busy rolling the posts...hard hard work...but happy with result.

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