August 05, 2013

What happened to Winter? Welcome in Spring time.....

Kia Ora friends,

Well it's been a wee while since we got together. I do hope you are all loving this amazing weather, hasn't it been kind to us?
We have been busy setting up our wee piece of paradise for the spring season. Brooke has been laying her magic compost onto her veggie gardens and bedding in her beautiful summer veggies.
I've been building our sheep holding pens and raceway, I even managed to build the gates.
We have been practising bringing in the sheep and getting them familiar with the set up. Last weekend we managed to get them in and drench them. We even managed to trim Miss Marmajuke's hoofs. We saw her limping and realised she needed a trim. She actually remained really calm throughout the whole process which may have been that she was thankful, who knows.

Chicken update: We have some new girls... we purchased them locally and they are shaver crosses. They are laying already and Harry has already welcomed them into his brood. It's just magic watching them all free ranging around the place. We are getting between 5 and 6 eggs a day. We have standing orders at work for these golden beauties which really helps with buying feed.

Back to Bonnie Scotland: In a few short weeks we head off overseas to visit family. First stop is Hong Kong for 3 days to catch up with Brooks sister, her hubby and our wee niece Miss Ivy Knight. Can't wait to see them and the mighty Hong Kong. Next we head to London for a few days to catch up with my nephew and his wife (they were here recently on their honeymoon), then it's a train ride to Glasgow toon for us all. Family time for a few days then heading to Rome for a weekend and back to hang out with family for the rest of our trip...It's been 7 years since our last trip home...I'm excited and nervous about seeing my family again. May even shed a wee tear or two. I'll keep you posted on our journey.

Some photos of progress, but as usual you gotta go through the woolly gate first..

                                  Preparing the garden for spring time.
                     Harry and his 13 girls having a wander through their garden.
       Brooke  loading the 'secret weapon' to successful veggies... The magic compost.
     Kale, Kale oh wonderful Kale..juice it, steam it..whatever you do, just eat it!
      Broad beans taking off, ready in September...yum yum ...

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