August 24, 2013

The importance of living the life you love.

There is so much to be thankful in this life for: there are good friends, who, even if you only see them every few months, the conversation and fun times are always guaranteed.
We had our annual Mid Winter party at the Zoo on Friday and that is exactly what happened. Familiar faces, fun times, Mickey taking and most of all, just feeling really relaxed and happy in each others company...

Back to the Motherland:

We are both getting quite excited as next Monday we head off to visit family and friends overseas.
We are off to Hong Kong first to see Miss Ivy Knight and her Mum and Dad. We have never been to Hong Kong and what a start to our overseas trip...little Miss is now 2 years old and looking wonderful.

After Hong Kong it's London for 2 days to visit my nephew Christopher and his wife Gemma. They were here in glorious February for the fab honeymoon. They are being our tour guide for a couple of days then we all hop on the train up to Glasgow to see the rest of the family. They all stay about 5 mins from each other which makes seeing everyone so much easier. Can't wait to see Mum, Dad and's been a long 7 years since we were home.. I will keep my blog going over there.

Back to the Farm for updates:

Our friends Justine and Mark in Christchurch posted a photo of their early spring lambs, I just had to share what may just be the cutest lamb I have ever seen. he name is Panda lamb. How cute.


Dr Karyn and how to reset broken lamb leg:

Our friend Karyn called in to ask us if we could help her put a new plaster cast on a baby lambs broken leg. Sure we said and off she went to pick up the baby. Back she came 20 minutes later with this wee cute thing. 

          First she had to remove the original cast as the lamb had grown out of it.


Dr Karyn very carefully snipping away the old cast

20 minutes later and star is born!

Who would even know this wee thing had a broken leg? Finn was fascinated with it and duly followed her everywhere, she was very motherly to her...

And that was it all went smoothly and little "fracture" (that's her new name) all fixed up for another few weeks until she outgrows this cast.


                                        Some of my fab pics to share with you

                                         Double Rainbow over the gardens...




Well me friends, next time we catch up we will be in another country, how exciting....

Thanks to our amazing house sitter Lou, you're a star...

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