August 10, 2013

The importance of appreciation


Isn't it heartwarming when you are in that wonderful place called appreciation of the here and now?
It's also far too easy and often too convenient to leave the moment you are in and drift back to the past where experiences have been had, some will have been fantastic and some that, if you think about them too long, you recreate the pain or negative feelings you had. 
It's also so easy to leave the moment and take your mind to 'what's next'. Why is that? Why do we spend so little time just savoring the moment. I remember watching a programme  and a Monk was being interviewed, she said something that's really stuck with me.
" No one just has a cup of tea anymore". I was thinking, I just had one and I had one yesterday. I didn't get it, because I was too busy trying to get it! 
She was simply saying, no one is just having a cup of tea, they are either talking, reading, thinking, doing something else along with it. That's so true, and now I do get it. It's about taking time to be in the moment and shutting out everything else.... Being mindful is the term.   Try it, try doing something and only that, if you catch yourself drifting, come feels pretty sweet.

So this job of mine: It is pretty special, there are plenty of those magic moments when your whole being is right in the now. I got the pleasure of being part of the test team, who are going in to meet our Red Pandas who are being conditioned to accept visitors. Our customers can pay for a behind the scenes experience where they get up close to our majestic animals. It's the perfect opportunity for Zoo staff to share their knowledge and passion for our animals, it's also an ideal time to connect visitors with our vision and mission...oh and it's an amazing experience for everyone who attends.  

                                                        Meeting little Bo.

Appreciation for our beautiful Chickens is highlighted every day when we head out to their house and they have left us a whole bunch of gifts. We are receiving about 5 or 6 eggs a day at the moments and they are pure gold. My work mates are loving them, and we are in heaven with their amazing look and flavour. Pure fresh and pure-organic. 

The North Garden is about to begin:

We are now seriously planning the North Garden, to date, we have talked about it, bought some trees and plants and drawn some basic plans. We now know what the outer shape will look like, we also know what we want it to deliver. I think it's important to have the idea or outcome in mind as you seriously look at a project. Otherwise how will you know if you have achieved your dream.
I give you the Pure Blank Canvas and invite any suggestions or do's and don'ts.
We will be putting a large deck on side of the house and it will have steps down into the garden,, we will have a Pergola at centre back where friends can gather to eat and relax and vines will take over it as the years go by....

This image looks back up to the house. Imagine the deck up there and a lawn full of lush plants and trees....

This image looks from that centre window down the garden....dead centre, to the left of tree is where the pergola will sit...

Can't forget to keep access clear for septic tank cleaning...


And finally, I found this image in one of our storage boxes, it's all 4 of our babies paw prints...

I really do invite ideas and suggestions for the New Garden..if you've been there, done that,we would love to hear from you...

Stay well friends..and remember the saying

Yesterday's history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift...the present is where it's at folks...

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