September 13, 2013

Hong Kong to UK.....SO FAR.

The Journey so far:

After what felt like a very long 10 hour flight from Auckland to Hong Kong, we finally arrived around 10pm local time. Mr Phil Knight met us with open arms, and a sense of relief as he has actually been waiting at the wrong arrival point until the very last minute...good on ya Knight.
It was very hot and muggy, but what an is pretty well designed and had so many staff on duty, we always felt looked after. A quick check out and long taxi ride later, we arrived at Caroline, Phil and Miss Ivy Knights humble abode, oh and Bim the Ginger cat.
Although it was hot, it was also rainy, which added to the experience of Hong Kong.
Miss Ivy Knight was treated to a lovely yellow umbrella and some gum boots (which she will grow in to)...she was delighted with her new additions which she duly danced in every puddle she came across with...what a joy.



We have been in the UK for just over 1 week now. I'm happy to report that the weather has been pretty awesome. It's not warm as such, but it's really fresh.
Arrived in Glasgow on the 7th and went out with ALL of the family and had the best night of reminiscing, mikey taking and laughter I've had for was a long long night, but it was so worth it.

It's been 7 years since we were last home, and in that time 2 of my nephews have got married, the other one has finished school and just about to enter University...phew! how time flies.

Here are some pics of my crazy family on "that famous night oot!'

My oldest sister and her hubby, they have been together since they were 13, it's been 37 years now.

Me and my other Sister Helen having a wee camera moment...

My youngest nephew with my oldest nephews wife,
The lovely Gemma

Oldest nephew Christopher enjoying a beer.. 

Christopher and my younger sister Lainey listening to a joke, she was being very loud. Priceless image.

Trying to take photograph of all 4 sisters and failing miserably
 my jaw was sore with laughing so much

                           A reasonable effort after so many attempts....

This was indeed a special night, we had some great food, some lovely drinks, but the best thing about the night was just being with my family, that my friends was priceless. Seven years is a long time, but you'd never know it had been that long when we were all together again. Brooke had such a great time, taking photos and laughing her head off at the crazy Dalziel family antics...

I'll post more updates in the next wee while....thanks everyone.


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