June 07, 2013

This life.

Come oan fur a wee trip aroon the place....

Well, today the heavy, heavy rain must have stayed on the plane. It's just glorious and don't our animals know it! And I mean all of them.

The dogs just love basking in the sun, especially miss Murphy Brown. I've posted a picture of the 3 amigos, this is not as easy as it looks, especially Mr Kodak, who after 4 attempts, actually stayed still for 10 seconds. Right after this shot he bolted out of the shot, every time the camera is there, he gets all naughty puppy on me. He looks right royal with his chin pointing upwards...I can guess what he might be thinking!

I just love the image of Miss Peg leg peggy, our lucky chicken. About 6 weeks ago she dared to enter the dog zone, and yes you guest it, she got a wee fright. She took a few weeks to get herself straightened out again, but she is fine and dandy now. The image with the blackened background, was a lucky shot, but I love it...she looks like she's peeking round the corner.
The feeding station we built is to allow the chooks to access their feed when they need it and in turn, no food is wasted. They peck the base of the unit and food drops out, they eat until they are full, then leave the rest nice and dry for when they need it next.
Our sheep are doing really well, Mamma-juke has the chicken feeder Sussed....clever sheep.
We gotta make sure when we let them though to have a graze in the chook area that the feeders are pretty empty or she will steal the lot!
Two of our girls have been away 'meeting the boys'.... And I'm delighted to announce, little lambs are expected around late September.
Off out tonight to watch the All Blacks take on France.... And for the record, the Scottish football team beat Croatia 1-0 in the World Cup qualifier match.....Yayyyyyy!!

Stay well friends, and ' don't sweat the small stuff'. Maggie.


  1. Hey Maggie, was just thinking about you yesterday (saw some Tetley in Aldi) and wondered how you were doing. Brilliant shot of the dogs, well done!
    Good to see your update.
    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  2. Hi Karen, still no Tetley comin my way :-( We are heading back to Bonny Scotland in 8 weeks, will load up then. Good progress being made. Work busy, nights short, so not much time to get outside,. Still lovin things though.
    Keep well Karen.


  3. Magdalena, you guys are right little farmers now - your animals and property look great!