June 30, 2012

Sunday Sunday, looks good to me

Today I turned 44. I'm thinking: What is it about birthdays that invite reflection? You look a little closer at the year that was and look at the year ahead, then you look at what separates these 2 episodes: it's the one day of the year when it's all yours to just appreciate the moment. My best friend and partner gifted me Jo Seagar and Jamie Oliver's cookbooks. Cooking is something I have really started to enjoy and appreciate. It is in cooking I understand the saying that "it's the journey that matters"...the joy of finding a recipe is similar to finding a holiday destination then planning all the steps toward getting there. The joy of putting it all together and knowing you are responsible in creating your destination or outcome is pretty cool. I can't wait to share some journeys with you.
What's New?
Well, we are thinking about putting another few veggie gardens in just beside the others, the idea is to get a year round supply of the freshest, organic produce.
The lavender is starting to flower, and they are smelling lovely, the silverbeet is doing fantastic, it has a continual supply of tasty leaves which enhances many a fine dish.

Roasting hot chicken news!!!!                                                                       
Jenny is NOT a girl! She is a Rooster....

We just thought she might be 'big for her age'.. (remember people would say that if their wee ones were bigger than the rest of the kids?). So! Dilemma time... Suggestions welcome from fellow chooky keepers... But, no to chop chop of neck before anyone suggests it!
Well, that's it folks, for another day. I'll be sure to share the recipes I try with you. Have a great week.

ps; To Laura, hope you enjoyed the show in Auckland.


veggie gardens

Some nice flowers growing along railway line

Finn and Murphy Time... 

Harry and Jenny Face off (gulp!!!!)
Lovely Lavendar

Silverbeet, so yum.


  1. Hi! Show was great! They're such funny guys.. As for "jenny" - when I have boys I give them away! I have a couple of friends who will take them. I know what happens to them, it's something I can't do myself! But I know they've had a lovely life.
    I suppose as they're free ranging it ma be ok with 2, but your poor girls :( !!

    1. hey Laura,

      Cheers for that! yeh, I hope they either can just live happilly along side each other, but if issues arrise, I'll have to find a new home for her.
      Apart form that, it's all sweet...

      speak soon.