June 29, 2012

Happy Chickens

With mud everywhere we have been challenged with how to keep the chooks food dry and keep the birds from having a free feed! So, looking under the house I came across old plumbers pipes and hey presto! The 'chook choob' is born!

 So the chicks can self feed throughout the day and the pesky birds have real difficulty hovering at the feed spot, which means a good saving on feed loss.

The 5 new girls are doing really well, the only issue is Georgia & Mildred are going under the den at night and we are having to shoo them out with a broom and place them in the hen house. Hopefully they will cotton on that is safer and warmer in there.
We have added some more enrichment to their area, the branches and shelters keep them busy. The wee bantams are great layers and the eggs are so nice. According to all sources, the laying will slow down big time as the weather gets cooler and sunshine decreases. But, they are a happy wee bunch and we love them to bits.
Feeder ready to go

Cosy Den

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