June 16, 2012

The new arrivals wake up to a Frosty Mornings

Welcome to Sunday morning.

We were greeted by this beautiful sight this morning. 
Last night was really really cold, the coldest night yet by far, the dark clear sky glistened with the most beautiful stars, however such a clear night usually means one thing, Jack frost is on his way....but it's almost forgivable when you see the beauty that is produced. When we lived in Auckland, we never saw any frost, so this was such a welcome sight. 


Finn enjoyed running the through the long grass, nose first!
                                                  Frosty grass                                            

Water dish ice

Capturing the cold morning

Let me introduce you to the new arrivals

Our friend Lou dropped the girls off yesterday and after some discussion we decided to introduce them straight away to the residents. It went surprisingly well , no big screaming matches or tantrums...however Harry did display some interesting moves...he danced a little, chased a little then pretty much left them alone.

What's in a name?

The girls did come with names, however we decided to change them, so here you go.                                                            
                                                                      Pauly & Lainey
We are big Soprano fans and the wee black one at the front is a confident little thing, who literary went looking for trouble straight away, and yes! she found it! Harry chased her for ages, never catching her..so we called her Pauly after Tony Soprano's right hand man who is definitely more than meets the eye... I know she's a girl and he's boy..but Pauly suits her really well. Then the beautiful black bantam chick, she laid an egg already, she is quiet and a little less confident than the others, but she sure has the talent.. so we called her Lainey after my wee sister.

The pair of shavers stick together and last night neither would come into the chook house to sleep and we thought, what a loyal pair, sticking together no matter what...so we thought what about George & Mildred like the TV sitcom, they were forever together...so easy peezy George became Georgia..



Last, but certainly not least,
please meet  Khalessi

For anyone who has not seen or heard of "Game of Thrones" Game of Thrones, it's a highly addictive series of the most magical characters, mixed with spectacular scenery and one of the best story lines that I've come across in many years. It does come with a warning though, once you watch it you won't want to miss an episode ever..the books are awesome too. So one of the characters in Khaleesi or the Dragon queen... this little chook displays all the grandeur of a queen and her colours are like fire...she is our Dragon queen.

Our BFF Justine took this photo from her lounge window across the fields of her property just outside Christchurch. It shows us what cold really is and just how beautiful it can be. Who couldn't love this...?

Well friends, I do hope you had a splendid weekend and if Jack frost was around your way this morning, here's hoping you enjoyed his company as much as we did....

Thought for the day:

"The only way to know if you can trust someone, is to   trust them."   

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