August 04, 2012

Water water everywhere!

Ok, ok we get it........ we just can't stop the rain.

What power water has, it just gets everywhere. Although we are often thankful for a wee bit of rain, this is just crazy! Everything at our place is just soaking wet, we even had to make a washing line inside the shed because the wind was blowing the rain under the car port. It is a bit like a Chinese laundrette, but it's doing the job.

Let's make even more of a mess!

Last week our plumber came round to check our septic tank and soak away as levels were quite scary. He lifted the cap off and the amount of sludge that poured out was quite alarming! He strongly advised we get another soak channel in as soon as possible.... So what better time to get diggers and heavy gear on your lovely lawns? And so it began,

Friday morning our lawn looked like this:

And at 5pm it looked like this..OMG.

The important thing is, we have achieved the necessary and when things dry out, the land will be dryer and we can be assured that next year, we won't be in this state. Sometimes you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet eh??

Someone didn't care and just got on with life as normal


Grand final at neighbours place.

We really are so thankful and lucky to have received such a great welcome by our neighbours, we have been introduced to their lives, their home and land and an insight into what is possible to achieve over time in this magical area. Lloyd and Sam ran a pizza store back in the UK and we had the pleasure of fine dining at their place last night, we watched as Lloyd threw Pizza dough around his head and then he and Sam created 3 master class Pizzas for us to enjoy as we watched the Chiefs take the Rugby title with somewhat ease. Here's to good neighbours.

Chicken update.

Eggs are in abundance and we are now selling them to our work mates. Not for profit, just to cover costs. But it is such a joy to head out late in the day and our lovely girls have left us 4-5 eggs every day.

Eggs in abundance

The team are doing fine and we continue to be thankful for having these fluffy wee things in our lives.

Here is the most inquisitive of all the chooks:

little Georgia

she is always the first over when you go into the choock area, she even pecks my backside when I'm saying hello to the others.
And our Sussex girls are laying at last, yay!!! their eggs are bigger than the bantams and smaller than the shavers , just perfect.

So, friends, it's a life we are so glad we have chosen, we learn new things continually, we connect with nature daily and are reminded that life is really what you make it.. Thanks for reading my wee blog, and thanks to my cousin Liza and reader Karen, both in Australia for getting in touch for my Tetley tea bags.

Go NZ and go the Olympic games.

Thought for the day: "If it feels right, it probably a is!"

Chooks hanging out at the bath

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