July 28, 2012

Just stuff

What we been up to?

Since my last post, we have been to Christchurch to visit Justine and Mark, we had a great time as always. Cooked dinner on Friday with Marcus, went to Jo Seagars on Saturday (disappointing) and watched the Coronation street on Saturday night.
Sunday was just lovely weather so we went to Pukeko junction cafe cool cafe, awesome.

Justine has a lovely horse called Mandy and it's just lovely watching the bond they have. They also have several sheep, I've told Justine she is the sheep whisperer.

I made a Jo Seagars Italian tart and it was yummy, it even looked like the picture.

Been busy getting tradesmen around to price for some reno work, we even came across a bath re coating chap and he had a stunning,claw foot bath for sale. We have decided on a black finish which will stay within keeping of the railway theme. We get it in about a month and will have to store it until we do bathroom up.

Out plumber came to check out our work request and checked the waste system, unfortunately, we discovered we need another soak away channel rather urgently, therefore, we have had to reshuffle priorities a bit.

We still got the boy.

Chickens are doing really well, so well it's time to start selling the eggs. We have several work mates keen, so we can now share the egg journey. Our wee Sussex are now laying, which means we are trading 4-5 eggs a day! Yee ha!
We still have Jenny the "boy", but so far Harry is not really been fazed by the young man, a little telling off and Jen knows his place.

Met the locals:

We went to dinner at our neighbours across the way, it was just lovely. We probably had the best lamb ever, they are breeders of a specific type of sheep and we may well get some in the future to breed.

New Doggie walking place:

Well today we took the doggies on big walk up through the pine logging track,
Finn and Murphy were in heaven, Kodak had to take it easy, Brookie looked after him.
All was going great until we were about to get into car, Finn rolled in a dead smelly thing, I had to go back down the track to a wee river and dunk her, still had to shower and shampoo when we got back, grrrrrrr!!!

Tea anyone?

Finally, I'm having Tetley Tea withdrawals, if anyone can get me any Tetley Tea bags, I'll be forever in your debt, chanui, is not even close no matter what they say! Tetley makes Tea bags, makes Tea!

Dinner tonight!

The famous Ramsay Curry and chapatis (easy as). Yummy

Thought for the day:

"How you gonna know if you never try?"


  1. Hi Maggie, found your blog through Laura's. Have been reading for a while. If you want to email me about Tetley I will see what I can do. kazza_49athotmaildotcom Gotta have the right tea!!

    Cheers, Karen