August 20, 2012

Awesome photos

Morning has broken.

Like the first morning

A lovely morning pic to bring you back on board to the Station Masters cottage.


What's new?

Well I got my Tetley Tea bags in the mail all the way from Australia. I've had 5 cups in 5 days and gave one to Mary at work to try, she loved it (no surprises there), I am so happy I got them, cheers Karen.

Rain rain go away,

Everyone has had enough of the wet stuff, water tanks are overfull and fields are soggy as!!!!
Chickens are totally over it, poor wee things are running for cover when the heavens open. But hey, guess how many eggs we are getting a day? between 5 & 6, what a range and such a variety of size, but no lack in quality and taste.. they are so nice, we're stoked and so are our work buddies. We managed to make enough sales to meet our goal, that is to be able to buy a bag of feed and keep the cycle going.

check out my wee labels 

 Morning magic,

Some of these pictures really capture the very reason we just love where we're at. The morning mist as it settles on the saddle of hills creates that sense of anticipation of what the day will bring?

Sun, rain or something in the middle!
And then there's little Miss Murphy, there's a saying about how some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. This little girl just loves simply being.....she is such an introvert, she can take so much of Finn the terrible, then she takes herself off the her quiet place which is usually the front deck with or without sunshine (and usually it's rain these days)

Sitting in the rain.....

This weekend we went to the Dame Edna show in the city - Eat, Pray, Laugh. Luckily we were in row 4, well away from the spitting character and out of range from Edna as she selected her cast from the audience. One of my work colleagues was asked up to the stage and given the Edna interrogation. She done so well. Definitely a night to remember.

Progress on the farm:
Bought some Trees from local supplier. We have decided to start our big garden venture, I reckon once the framework is in place, the rest will follow.

This week.
We have invited our neighbours over to watch the Rugby match. I'll cook my special beef curry and yummy sticky date pudding, then hopefully a Kiwi win and a better performance than last weeks effort will round off a fine evening.

There you go friends, things are ticking over nicely, we hope to get going with our bathroom renovation plans and have this project complete by Christmas when Miss Ivy Knight and Mum comes over.....yay!!!!!

Special note: Laura at my wee farm, did I see you guys pass through Warkworth on Sunday about 12.15 in a silver BMW? I'm certain it was Lloyd driving.

All the best everyone....

Wise words: Be, Do, Have.


  1. omg you did! that's so funny. We were driving back up after our holiday. You should have jumped around like a mad thing waving!!

    You guys have been busy.
    We've done nothing! This week is a get started week though - I'll get my pots made and seeds in. Also got a busy month at the Acorn as well. xx

    1. I knew it was guys, we were waiting to turn along our road at Woodcocks and I just happened to glance down and saw Lloyd. Close encounter or what? Your pics from hols are great, looks like you had fun in the sun.
      We will get up to see you soon, once this crap weather goes.
      Keep well my friend.
      Maggie. X