April 16, 2012

Made it to the Market & Planted more trees

Welcome to the second week of Easter holidays and what wonderful weather we are having.
There is even the odd sprinkle of rain to refresh the veg gardens and grass, not too much though!

So what has the week held for us? work took up the bulk of the time, but I can tell you the Easter holiday programme is going off. It's a puzzle trail based around the Dr Seuss novel 'The Lorax"  http://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/whats-happening/upcoming-events/april-school-holidays.aspx . Kids are loving learning about the importance of conservation as well as leaving with some cool seeds to plant their own trees and were even giving away 2 for 1 movie vouchers. So far there's been around 40, 000 visitors in the first 10 days. records are going to be broken for visitation numbers. Go the Zoo.

AT HOME                                                                                    

along the fence line
Being at home continues to be our sanctuary, our haven to unwind whilst continually creating and developing our wee property. We bought more trees, and you know what goes with buying them, you gotta plant them... so we did....

Brooke up close and planting

we also popped a couple of gates on the veg garden

We even made it the Matakana Markets. They were very busy, probably too busy for people who want to browse at their own pace rather then feeling like your on a conveyor belt and gotta keep moving. The majority of stalls offer tasting and we had a wee mousy meal on a few things like almost croissants to olive oil ...yummy yum. So here's a few wee pics, if you haven't been there and you live around Auckland, then go at least once. there's a car boot style stall holders area just before the main Market where you will pick up a bargain, haggling is expected. I got myself a cracking Tea Pot (Bone China I'll have you know!) for $5.

That's the week that was folks and here's to the great weather continuing and to Loving the Lifestyle.

Thought for the week; "Live the life you love and love the life you live"

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