March 24, 2012

A weekend of tree planting and Fun with Finn, Murphy and Kodak

Sunday Sunshine and K9 Swimming,

The weekend was supposed to be a stunner, however Saturday was a bit of a right off with torrential rain interrupting was was turning out to be a lovely day.
We headed off to Matakana Market and having visited last week and tried a couple of fine food options we tried a couple more. I had a Chinese sticky bun and Brooke had waffles with maple sticky bun was a little soggy bun, but Brookes was awesome. We then headed out to meet with Jude who runs a fantastic garden nursery just north of Matakana. We met her a few weeks ago at Warkworth Market and bought some Fejoa and passion fruit trees. So out we went for a wee look and yes, you've guessed it, came bought 42 trees. There are a mix of shelter and fruit trees. Jude kindly offered to bring them in her truck because there were so many. Saturday afternoon kinda went like this......................

   Placing of the Shelter trees ready to dig, dig, dig

         Waiting for me to dig their new home

One day I'll be as tall as this fence

          Brookie setting the trees with compost

Once the plants arrived, it seemed a good idea at the time to just get on with it..and after 5 long, hard hours of digging, setting and composing they were in, yay!!!!

Bye Bye Saturday... TV dinner and well earned rest followed...

What makes a perfect Sunday?

Doggies swimming and lots of sunshine that's what.

We made a weekend 'to do list' and along with chopping wood, putting wind shelter around veg gardens, looking into shelter trees and mowing lawns there was little matter of enjoying quality K9 time. We took the doggies up to Omaha Wharf where they could swim, run and play until their hearts content. Here's how they did just that:

 Do you think Brooke has their attention?

The creature from the Black Lagoon?
      Finn doing her best attempt at being the Loch Ness Monster



Murphy swimming out to her ball


On her way back

And waiting to steal her ball after all that effort...
Finn the terrible

Kodak after his swim.
Look closely you can see the sea shaking off him.

                  The Wharf through the Pohutikawa tree              
5 Elements.

Sea, Sky, Wood, Iron and Stone

Thought for the day: Forgive your past and move on.

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