March 01, 2012

March 1 - 2. Oh those eggs....

Welcome to March..

Where is the year going? I'm still hoping summer may just sneek back for a wee while, but I guess that's wishful thinking. We have been busy securing the property for 'the storm' that's seemingly going to hit Auckland on Saturday. The weather is a little weird today (Friday), it's very calm and warm. I guess it's the pefect time to say that good old cliche "the calm before the storm".

News of the Chooks:

It's official - Frannie and Annie and both laying, yay!!
We got 6 eggs in 3 days and here's the proof: The 2 in the middle + the bottom right are Annies, the 2 brownies and the top left a Frannies (bless). The eggs are so big we canny even get the box closed. Today we had Brookies special pancakes and I really believe they were her best yummy and yellow and tasty.

Ivy, Lucy and Jenny are doing really well, they are eating constantly and growing so much. Frannie and Annie still have major issues with them, they chase them out of their patch and at night it's so funny listening to them all cackling away as they settle in for the night. We cleared the old pig area for them to forrage in and they instantly began earning their keep by frantically dragging the dirt to collect insects and turn the soil over, they are machines.

Justine Woosnam

Justine is a gracious individual, a gifted Artist and a wonderful friend. She created these images of our dogs Kodak and Lucy. I had Kodak commissioned for Brookes birthday and Lucy was a gift from Brooke after she left us for doggie heaven last November. I can't begin to tell you how impacting it was as
I cast my eyes upon this  
glorious image. Justine told me how Lucy's image touched her so deeply as she immersed herself in bringing a photograph to life. As I look at this image it is so comforting to know that someone has created a memory that not only encaptures all that Lucy was, but allows me the priveladge of knowing that she will never be gone from my life becasue this image is as real to me as if she were still with me. Justine is a gift for all animals, she has an affinity that allows them to trust immediately, she askes nothing of them, but gives all of herself to them..she is a treasure. If you want to capture your companion I recommend seeking out Justine. 

Girls just wanna have fun:
One of our friends brought a bubble making gadget around on Sunday, Finn had a whale of a time...

Thought for the day:

"Change is inevitable. If you are not prepared to  change, you must be prepared to be left behind."                                    
                                                         Hillary Clinton 2008.

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