February 07, 2013

Challenge yourself - Challenge poverty

Every step you take.

So, in a few short weeks, the biggest challenge my friends and I face is just how the heck do we walk 100km in 24 hours? are we mad? probably, but just a wee bit.
I'll tell you why: The very basic human rights are to be able to eat, to sleep and to drink water that is not so polluted it guarantees gastro for every mouth full. But yet, some of the most impoverished villages in our Pacific take this gamble every single day, just to wet their pallet.
My wonderful buddies at the Zoo (that's us below) have taken on this challenge and between our two teams will raise $5000 that will make a difference to these people.
I know we are all having our heart strings pulled for so many causes every day. Social media is such a fantastic platform for addressing and highlighting such things as war, famine and natural disasters...which one do you choose to donate to, to share a portion of your earnings with? I have always been drawn to the helplessness of animals, because they do not have a voice, they cannot escape the pain they often subjected to, they hurt every bit as we do. I won't stop helping animals, I couldn't...
But, what if, for a moment we chose to help another human being through a consistent and guaranteed life of tragedy. A well that pumps beautiful, safe waters, a toilet that prevents disease, a bag of seeds to produce a crop and animals for food and milk.
We are training hard for what guarantees a tough, tough time. But what drives us all is knowing that our challenges, our tough times, our aches and pains for days after will only ever be temporary...for these people it's always. help us help them...

Here are some pictures of our recent training weekend

Flying the flag for Oxfam

      Onwards and upwards                                 Why am I smiling


       The road to nowhere                                   Fiona and Claudine


David lifting 25kg barrel of water to experience the daily load these amazing women carry. And sun setting over Forrest


 John ready for second round           Billie relaxing before night walk..


 After reading what it's all about here www.oxfamtrailwalker.co.nz and if you feel you would like to get in on the challenge, I thank you in advance for donating to team oxfam Team Zooper Tramp or Safari so Good and please know, we are sincerely grateful for your help and I am humbled for following my wee blog.

Quote du jour: Tis better to regret something you did, than to regret something you didn't.