January 22, 2013

The best of times

Like meeting up with Old friends,

We travelled (at long last) to Our wee farm up in Kerikeri to Laura and Lloyd's place where we stayed in  The Acorn cottage. This was the most beautiful experience. After a very short time in Laura and Lloyd's company it was like meeting up with old friends.
Please, if you haven't yet! checked out Laura's awesome Blog just click the link above and away you go. 
We travelled on Friday and at the last minute decided we would take all 3 dogs with us, we were just going to take Finn but heck, whats 2 more eh?
When we arrived at The Farm, we settled into the cottage no worries, Laura had left us 6 of the best (eggs) in the cute little kitchen and an invite to dinner the next evening...yippee.
So, we quickly unloaded the Ute and after reading the best the area has to offer in Lauras' must read welcome book, we were off to get supplies.
Kerikeri has grown heaps since I was there last, but everything you could ask for was right there.
When we returned to the Farm, we stopped to say a quick high to Laura and her 3 doggies. The quick high was almost 2 hours, a cuppa Tea and 6 dogs who became instant friends. We chatted about life on the lifestyle track, our journey to where we all are now and about Glasgow, where Laura and I both lived. It was a great catch up and cuppa was no bad either!
Saturday saw an early rise and a beach walk with L&L and 6 dogs. It's a secret beach so canna tell you where, but it was stunning and quiet (well until we arrived) and best of all the doggies could swim and play until their wee hearts content. We then headed up the cost further whilst L&L headed home for their Saturday catch up with friends. We went through Matauri bay which was stunning, and then to that famous chippy at Mangonui Chippy. this is a must see, do and try for any traveller.
After coming back to the Acorn, we went for a lovely dinner at the farm house and had the best night of food (thanks Lloyd), laughter, connection and the definite affirmation that a new friendship had evolved. We shall return to continue our conversation very soon.
The lovely welcome upon arrival

The Acorn through the trees

View to the relaxing lounge or drinks on the deck

Ain't that a pretty thing
 A fine day had by all

Murphy doin her thing at Matauri Bay
 Mangonui Bay waiting for our Fish'n chips
Just chillin 
Came back to picking this from the Garden...boom!

Dream big!

See ya soon. X


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  1. I can only say that the feeling was mutual! We loved you guys!
    It felt like we'd known eachother for ever.
    I'm so happy you had a good time