September 28, 2012

Progress and Development....

Spring into action..

Spring really is the turning point of the year when you start to think about what, when and how to develop your house and land. Well we do anyway!

What's new?

Meet Weezle
We got sheep... Yes we really did, our lovely neighbours, Karyn and Sue sold us some Perindales. They also let us borrow squidgy and Weezle  to show the new boys how to do things. We are stoked with the progress, and we are actually ok with the fact that the boys will live a great life on the land until ' that day comes'?.
Our sheep are staying in the bottom paddock for a wee while until they have eaten the grass, we will open up paddock 2 after that. Due reckons we need more sheep, maybe even some girl sheep that can start our succession plan. We are super keen.

Weezle, Squidgy and the boys

Veggie garden grows....

Competition is hotting up on who can produce the 'best veggies in our gardens'
Sue, Karyn, Lloyd, Sam, Brooke and I have entered into a Veg off competition between ourselves. Bring it on I say!
To make sure we have a fighting chance, we just had to build another 2 gardens. This will allow for a wider variety of yummy veggies.

Preparing foundations, using some chicken poo manure
We uses the old fence posts we dismantled in Feb and as usual got the magic duck compost to ensure success! Not that we are competitive.

Duck compost going in..the magic ingredient!!!!shhhh 

Gotta get it right Brookie, focus.
All done....3 hours, not bad at all.

Brooke applying the finishing touches..good girl.

SKYPE reaches Glasgow!!!

So, we all know what Skype is, yes? Now imagine if you can... Family in Glasgow that includes Mum, wee sister , big sister and Dad all crowded around the computer screen trying to make some sense of how this see, hear and talk things works. We spent the first session saying can you hear me, can you see me, can you hear me now.... Oh man, what a riot! It was a grainy picture and honestly nothing of any quality was achieved regarding conversation, but I can tell you, I laughed so much after it, because it's just what I needed, it was funny family times. Since then, we have managed to achieve conversation and colour.. It's awesome to be able to see all my family at one place and time.

Say hello to my Dragon....
You know one of my favourite characters from 'Games of Thrones is  Khalesi, the dragon lady. Well here is one of her Dragon's the cutest thing. I haven't given him a name yet, but will soon.

We are truly inspired by the people around us and the progress we are making. I think it's important to be in an attitude of gratitude especially when you know you have worked hard to have the things in your life and they have not just been handed to you. Summer is approaching which means long, hot sunny days for doing work on the land as well as paddle boarding and all things summer...
keep well friends, and sorry it's been a while since my last update...


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